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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 2, 2015 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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here is tonight's top story. >> cindy crawford blindsided and breaking her silence on that controversial viral photo. >> here we are. on the set today for my cover of elle canada. >> the 49-year-old mother of two looked super glam in a form-fitting dress for elle canada's photo shoot. it's her comments about this altered marie claire image that are making news today. >> cindy felt blindsided because she couldn't embraced photo because it was doctored in a way that was unflattering. the flip side, she couldn't reject it because so many women had responded so positively to it. for her to say that's not me might make them feel badly. >> she told the magazine, quote, i felt really manipulated and conflicted, so i kept my mouth shut. she didn't say anything because the pictureture sparked a thoughtful discussion about body image. >> women and fellow stars with weighing in on it. >> i think it's empowering for women. i think it's truly empowering.
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>> she still looks amazing. >> someone leaks this out in an attempt to hurt her -- >> but the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. >> photographer john russo said the image was maliciously altered and distributed. and it was a fraudulent altered version of my photograph. >> she said she's a big girl and she can handle being bullied in this fashion. she used it as an opportunity to talk to her children about cyber bullying. she said don't you ever do anything like this to anyone online. it was a valuable lesson for her kids. >> an valentine's day, cindy's husband randy posted this photo of crawford in a bikini. the couple sat down with our mary hart last year. >> do you have those conversations and those trepidations about aging? >> sure. >> how do you is support one another? >> he makes me feel beautiful no matter what. he knows me so well. i can be insecure around him or whatever. and he can reassure me. >> a good hubby. and another classic super model making news tonight. janice dickinson.
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this is scary video. the camera captured a frightening moment when she suffered what is being called a seizure. you see janice bent over, stiff and shaking. there appears to be a delayed response in helping her as she falls out of a chair. moments before -- >> i need a benadryl shot or -- i need an epi pen. >> janice pleads for the celebrity big brother u.k. production to bring her medicine. she's having what appears to be a visible allergic reaction to a bee or hornet sting. >> turning black. they're turning black. >> a member of security -- >> they're turning black. >> they're coming right now, janice. they're on their way. stay calm. >> she's distressed and frustrated. >> look at the color in the hands. look at this. this is turning blue. these three are turning blue. this one's -- it bit me here and here. it's like -- it's going up my hand. >> can you swallow? >> barely. it's black.
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look, it's black. >> at this point, janice has what the show said appeared to be a fit. another word for seizure in the u.k. but it could also be an extreme allergic reaction. twitter erupted with many claiming janice was faking it. we got to say it looks pretty real to us. dickinson had only been on the u.k. versus u.s. themed version of the show for less than a week. >> janice reportedly spent about three hours in the hospital. but she is back inside the house now. and we have certainly seen a few medical emergencies on "dancing with the stars." no doubt about that. marie osmond fainting just to name one. i know you remember that. which brave souls are tackling the ballroom this time? the final cast members were announced this morning and the show follows the dancing formula. >> chaka khan and the soul singers.
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and nick carter carries on the boy band tradition of his brother. >> to be quite honest with you, i've never held myself at a high standard as far as dancing goes. i've always been in an ensemble with the guys dancing. as a troupe, so to speak. so you know as a solo dancer out by myself, i'm a little insecure about it. >> nick spoke from the set of his sci-fy movie. paula deen is the wild card. and abc cast another military hero in alex skarlatos. he's the soldier that last month helped stop a massacre aboard a train. but abc has broken a few traditioning with this new cat. for the first time in years, there's not a major athlete. and there is no olympic gymnast or skater like shawn johnson or christy yamaguchi. stars who typically go far in the competition. horse racing jackie victor espinoza is the only sports star.
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the season 21 cast gets younger with haze greer and bindi irwin. he's 15, she's 17. >> i'm not used to any of this. i'm used to crocodiles. >> we believe you. >> crocodiles are way less scary. >> kim reps the reality genre. >> no doubt that kim is going to rock those dancing costumes. she's going to tell you how she got her super slender figure. that is coming up. her waist trining secret and why some are attacking her for it. that is coming up. >>ow, movie ws. it's the oldest film festival in the world. >>it just gooff to an epic start with the premier of evere rest which stars jake gyllenhaal. they all hit the red carpet. >> earlier in the day, they arrived in true style for a photo call. that is ash lynn on the snowy slopes.
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>> i am in the team. boom, there i am. base camp mt. everest. >> wow. >> yeah! >> is hugh jackman in that picture? >> no way. >> take that. >> you actually got higher than us. this is something that my fiancee and i will absolutely do because i'm sitting here in absolute envy of you right now. total envy. >> let's go! hurry up! >> based on the incredible events of two real life expeditions to the summit, the film was shot on location in the foothills of everest. >> i'm pretty sure my whole team made it up. >> i think that's what kind of made us all want to do it. we weren't going to be faking it somewhere. we were actually going to go in. >> the bridge and the ladder scene, were you actually doing that? >> yeah. i had yaks behind me when we were actually doing it. they started jumping. one almost went over, but then came back.
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we had one of those moments. >> he survived the yaks, but josh has another adventure coming up, his i dos. with his one-time assistant and now fiance. >> how are you doing that? >> i'll make somebody else finds -- plan the wedding. >> you're helping a little bit aren't you? >> we're both doing it ourselves. we haven't taken anybody else on because we're very selfish like that. we want it to be our experience. >> make it special. >> we have more romance news. this one totally surprised us. the daily mail reported today that rosie o'donnell and tatum o'neal have been quietly dating for weeks. we reached out to rosie for confirmation. her rep said they're just friends. we will leave it at that. coming up, we have loretta lynn talking about her night with miranda lambert. then, tara's little family wedding. the first dance and the white lace dress. >> plus, you just have to see a believer going in for the kill. >> all that and more still ahead.
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>> we'll be right back. closed captioning provided
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yoaigrk 0.he a nddsf ass sckn. this has been a heck of a year for tara's little family. first, they became parents. had a baby girl. >> then they got married. and the wedding episode airs tonight on lifetime. we were the only show that they invited to attend. >> we're husband and wife. >> right. >> i now call you my husband. >> i know. >> say what? >> yeah. >> i now declare tara and joe to be husband and wife. joe, you may kiss your bride. >> thank you. >> everything was picture perfect for tara and joe's big day. sadly, tara's father died nearly two years ago, but her brother
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walked her down the aisle. the couple's 3-month-old baby dressed in blue and carried by a wagon full of sunflowers was the flower girl. and the bride was stunning. in ra perfectly fitted gown. >> it was custom made just for me. that is what bomb. a little boomp. >> she was amazingly beautiful. i'm so proud that you are my wife. >> but the most unforgettable moment happened at the reception. >> share their first dance. >> my gift for joe was our first dance song. i wrote and recorded just us three and it was just about really capturing how i felt about our family. >> it's one of the reasons why i love you because you're crazy talented. i'm mega impressed that you wrote that in like a day or two, you're amazing. >> it's beautiful. >> he slipped me tongue.
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>> you did! she slipped a tongue. >> thank you "e.t." for being a part of our wedding. >> thanks, "e.t." thanks for being here. >> they say their honeymoon is on hold for now because they're waiting for penny to get a little bit older before they make plans. >> good stuff. they are a great couple. >> up next, joy's only interview about her return to "the view." >> do you stay in touch with your former co-host, elizabeth? >> no. she's got 10,000 children. they all look like dick cheney. >> and a former real housewife of atlanta goes on waist train training. >> will the new dancing star get more plastic surgery? >> i'm not against a facelift. that's straight ahead.
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>> stay with us. u y ocod po ys. zey icn d ococoinurta 'stfrtla . (rorsctc y s std sfforll olelassa.. stt meerfrh
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is miranda lambert singing about her new life after blake shelton? actually, the song is a loretta
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lynn classic. miranda performed it last night before she gave the country legend the crystal milestone award. >> miranda is one of my favorite singers. i seen her start out to as big as she is today. >> can we also add how amazing miranda looks? earlier we told you about kim joining dancing with the stars. what is the secret to her hot bod? kim let us in on it. >> i think the latest craze is a bigger bottom, a smaller waist. some people just aren't born with it. >> could this be her secret dancing weapon? >> a few days ago she posted this new waist training pic. >> i wear a size 32. >> you have the snap that you can actually adjust as you get smaller and smaller. i've been waist training for about three and a half months.& i've lost 4 inches total combined. that was after wearing it for five hours that day.
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my husband usually hooks it for me. because i like mine pretty tight. there's a lot of haters. a lot of people said i photo shopped my pictures. i finally did a video to finally shut people up. it frustrates me. >> waist trainings. >> i get a lot of negative comments. you've gotten too small. how can your waist ever be too small? >> well, hollywood is on board. kim is definitely part of a celebrity trend. yesterday, khloe kardashian posted this picture of her waist training. nicki minaj has done it. and so has lindsay lohan. janel evans credited waist training for her look at the vmas. kim, she tries to stay cool with the haters. >> maybe they should shut up and try it and stop eating donuts. oh, my god. by boobs. >> and now she has that barbie doll silhouette. waist training isn't the only thing the bravo star is coming under fire for. after a breast lift and tummy tuck last year, people are saying she's gone under the knife again.
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>> i'm not against a facelift. when i'm 55, 60 years old, i'll probably be doing it. as for now, i haven't done that. >> kim and her husband have six children together. two are from kim's previous relationship. he plays for the atlanta falcons. can you imagine? she's got to handle all those kids during football season. luckily kim says her two oldest girls are a big help. take a look at what we have tomorrow. >> scandal, praise and murder together for one sexy photo shoot. >> oh, my god. >> new cast secrets. >> i almost couldn't speak the words. >> then 19 kids and counting josh duggar and the adult film star who says she slept with the star. shocking abuse allegations in her only tv interview. tomorrow on "e.t." i would love to hear what joy has to say about the whole duggar controversy. she's probably going to address it. she's going to get her chance in about six more days when she makes her return to the view. we got the only invite to join a
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shoot in new york. hi there, brook. >> joy left "the view" two years ago. she's had a lot of time since then to do some other things. why is it right for her now to come back? joy like always is holding nothing back. that is one of the many reasons why we love her. >> 16 years you were there. >> yeah, 16 years. >> that's going to mean that you're going to be the den mother of the show. >> whatever. >> you're the og. >> what's the og mean? >> original gangster. >> i thought it was old grandmother. >> fab at 72, joy is ready for her comeback. it was advice from joan rivers that actually helped her decide to return. >> first anniversary of your friend joan rivers' death. >> i can't believe she's dead. i still don't believe that. she was such a force of nature, joan, you can't tell me that she's not on this planet anymore. she said to me one time, i was doing a standup show with her. i was complaining about it of
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course. that's my thing. she goes, joy, do it while they still want you. that's why i'm on the view now. >> joy gets to reteam with whoopi. this time around, she'll share the table with paula ferris and candice cameron. >> rosie gave it a second shot. it didn't work. on a scale of one to ten how confident are you that -- >> ten. that i would leave in the middle of the the year? >> no, that it's going to work. you're going to stay and love it. >> i've had a lot of therapy. that's what you need at the view. i worked in a mental hospital which prepared me to work there. so i'm not worried. >> do you stay in touch with your former co-hosts? rosy -- >> rosie and i are friends from the '80s when we were both comedians. i worked with her many times. who else? >> elizabeth? >> no. she's busy. she's got 10,000 children.
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they all look like dick cheney. [ laughter ] no. teasing. but, no, i don't stay in touch with her because she's busy with her job, i'm busy with mom. we were not really friendly off the air, but we were not enemies either ther. it was like that. >> joy was 54 years old when we visited the set for the view's first season back in 1997. she sure seemed happy to meet tom selleck. >> what man doesn't want to be the center of attention? here you have all this estrogen around you and it's fabulous for them. >> and what we've always loved about joy is she never shies away from speaking her mind. >> why can't you have a guy who makes you tea and also doesn't show his -- >> they're not going to sensor -- censor sor you, reegt right? >> there's a seven second delay. >> 16 years you did this show before. do you want to do it another 16 years? what do you foresee? what do you -- >> oh, my gosh. i'll be in the crypt. >> no, you won't. >> take time to enjoy -- -- is that what --
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>> no, you will not. >> i don't think that you know i could do that for another another 16 years. let's just try to get through this one year. >> oh, i love talking to joy. she'll be there front and center when season 19 starts on tuesday september 8th. countdown is on. >> good to on see joy back and great job, brook. well, the countdown is also on for the return of the amazing race september 25th on cbs. we are getting our first look at the new cast and it's an interesting one. they've got two former nfl cheerleaders, two tmz producers, the photographer and brothers who have a form of dwarfism. >> it's just like we're just like anyone else. >> you can check out the entire amazing race cast by going to on our website. stick around, we're going to show you what happened when this overzealous fan tried to plant a
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